Hunting Association "Fazanul de Aur"

Corporate and business unit:
Strada Bihorului, nr. 57
Salonta, Bihor, Romania

Mobile: +40745 534 682

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About us

Hunting Areas Association "Fazanul de Aur" totaling an area of approximately 11.997ha.

On arrival at the hunting lodge verified by representative Hunting Association "Golden Pheasant" hunting permits and insurance hunters, and release hunting license temporarily for every hunter and hunting permits for species reserved. Guests are hunting territories accompanied by a specialist in the area of hunting.

After completion hunters hunting carried a report (protocol hunting) are recorded hunting, trophy size, failures, organizational data and the provision of other services. Of the total amount of advance paid hunters is low, and the remaining amount can be paid in cash. The payment hunters confirm the accuracy of the data recorded in the minutes prepared.

If you encounter other problems, they are recorded in the minutes of hunting. After paying all the costs related to the agreement with trophies and transport documentation belonging to the hunter.

For safety reasons we prefer not to make withdrawals over a distance of more than 300m. Also, we ask all participants to check their weapons at the start of hunting and whenever they find it necessary. Hunting Association "Fazanul de Aur" will be held binding companions.

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Participants in the hunt must be members of a hunting association in the country of residence and have an insurance policy in case of injury to themselves and others, available in Romania.

If participants do not have such insurance against accidents, they may end fee hunting area.

Hunting activities will be conducted according to legal constraints. Informative examples are shown below:

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