Hunting Association "Fazanul de Aur"

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Strada Bihorului, nr. 57
Salonta, Bihor, Romania

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Welcome to Hunting Association "Fazanul de Aur"

Diana, goddess of hunting in roman mythology, was famous for its strength, athletic grace and beauty. Daughter of Jupiter and Latona, the goddess Diana was born on the island of Delos and was the twin sister of Apollo.

Although at first the character resembled her brother, being a vengeful goddess that resembled plagues and death among mortals, later, Diana acquires qualities beneficent deity, considered protective fields, animals and miraculous healings.

As goddess of the hunt Diana was presented as a virgin wild, lonely roaming the forests accompanied by a pack of dogs, donated by Pan, killing animals with bow and arrows they forged the Vulcanus. Insensible to love, punishing those who tried to approach it, and if in turn try to approach any mortal, her love was cold and strange.

She is depicted as a tall woman with a beautiful girl, with slightly masculine traits. Often, her feet are bare, sometimes shoes are adorned with a high, almost to the knee, specific hunting women in antiquity. Sometimes Diana carries on his shoulders a quiver with arrows, or that you spear hands, but most often is depicted wearing a bow. In this way appears in some of the statues dedicated to her lyrics and Latin poets.

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