Hunting Association "Fazanul de Aur"

Corporate and business unit:
Strada Bihorului, nr. 57
Salonta, Bihor, Romania

Mobile: +40745 534 682

Facebook: Fazanul de Aur Hunting


Services offered by Hunting Association "Fazanul de Aur"

Full board accommodation at: - 3 70 euro/ day/ person
- 4 100 euro/ day/ person
Transportation - in fields with association cars - 50 euro/ day/ cars
- outside the designated hunting - 1 euro/ km
It includes the organization fee - skilled attendant
- dogs trained for hunting
- greyhounds
- preparing trophies for export
Preparing to export hunting is a fee for all species of hunting interest.

Documents for participation in hunting

1. Copies - passport or identity card
- hunting accident insurance
- gun permit
- hunting permit
- introduction of European weapons permit hunting in ROMANIA
2. Weapons coming into the country - model number, caliber
3. Specify entry and exit point from ROMANIA
4. Duration of hunting

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